“I’m trying to do everything possible to make the environment as safe as possible for my students and teachers… so COVID CLEAR is one element of what we’re doing”

Dr. Kris Soderman
Principal and co-owner of Ideal School
Wellington, Florida

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a person working from home

Benefits of Working From Home

Have you thought about working from home? Perhaps you realize the benefits that come from it, or you are not sure if it will work for you. More companies than ever are striving to find ways to build their business at home or to transition at least some of their employees to an at-home environment.…

a woman getting regular covid testing

5 Reasons to Get Regular COVID Testing

Are you getting regular COVID testing done? You may be looking for a way to minimize your personal risks or those of your family. On the other hand, you may be a small business owner who wants to ensure employees are getting the coronavirus tests they need to keep them safe in the workplace. In…

a woman checking her temperature as part of coronavirus symptoms

Symptoms of Coronavirus

COVID-19 is one of the most worrisome of coronaviruses, a group of viruses, not just one. In all cases, these conditions tend to be respiratory conditions that have several possible complications. Understanding the coronavirus symptoms can help you to get help sooner. If you have any of the coronavirus signs, it’s best to get in…

thanksgiving and coronavirus

Thanksgiving and Coronavirus

As the holidays approach, many families have to start thinking about how they plan to celebrate. This is especially true for large families. Thanksgiving and coronavirus could be big factors when it comes to making these decisions. No matter what you have done in the past, now may be the time to make a few changes.…

a person battling with bleach and covid-19

How Effective Is Bleach Against COVID-19?

Bleach and COVID-19 are common in conversations about how to protect oneself from the virus. People want to know if they can use bleach to clean the surfaces in their home or business. The goal is always to get rid of COVID-19, and, in some cases, using bleach seems like a good idea. Is it safe?…

illustration of second wave

What is a Second Wave?

When COVID-19 occurred in March and April, many people had no idea what to expect. They watched in awe at what was occurring in New York City and worried about what may happen in their own communities. Now, things have calmed down and seemed to level off a bit. Yet, a second wave is likely.…

natural cleaning products

5 Effective Natural Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning products are designed to provide you with an effective and efficient way to keep surfaces safe and pristine. Sanitization is a big deal for many organizations today, and rightfully so. Yet, finding the right cleaning solutions can seem challenging. That’s why you need reliable support from a company like COVID Clear. What Natural…

person using disinfectant for home

Best Disinfectant for Your Home

COVID-19 has made it clear that we have to take steps to ensure homes are clean and sanitary. There are many risks to homes today from viruses and germs. There are also many products on the market that promise to provide for each one of your needs in removing those germs. Are they all the…

person with gloves cleaning for family and covid 19

Protecting Your Family from COVID-19

When it comes to your family and COVID-19, you probably have given up a lot, changed routines, and found yourself spending more time teaching math than you ever thought you would have to in your lifetime. Yet, when it comes to providing your family with true protection, think about your home cleaning. With COVID Clear,…

decorations and mask for halloween and coronavirus

Halloween and Coronavirus

Halloween is one of the best times of the year for candy lovers and those who want to have some fun. Yet, this year will be different. When it comes to Halloween and coronavirus, you may feel unsure about what to do to stay safe and still have fun. It is wise to choose the…

experts giving COVID tests

Types of COVID Tests

With the economy wobbling in the wake of the coronavirus, businesses are anxious to ensure customers and employees that their facilities are clean and free of contamination. COVID Clear offers cleaning services to disinfect your business and give you the confidence to reopen. We serve many different property types, including commercial, residential, and office buildings, as…

customers waiting six feet apart practicing social distancing

Benefits of Social Distancing

Social distancing is just one of the techniques we need to employ to contain and reduce the risk of COVID-19. At COVID Clear in West Palm Beach, FL, our disinfecting services work well when combined with social distancing, hand hygiene, and other COVID-19 precautions. Learn more about the benefits of social distancing and when you…

several different bottles of ineffective hand sanitizer

Recognizing Ineffective Hand Sanitizer

At COVID Clear in West Palm Beach, FL, we offer superior disinfecting services to help keep your home or business clear of germs and viruses. In addition to cleaning services, wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) and using hand sanitizers can help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. However, supply chains are sometimes slower due to…

individual properly wearing a mask because of COVID 19

Importance of Wearing a Mask

With the health risks associated with the global pandemic, it’s important to follow guidelines for wearing masks in public. The Centers for Disease Control offers comprehensive guidance on how and when to wear a mask. Insisting that customers and employees wear masks helps keep your public space safer. To further accomplish this goal, partner with…