4.5L Portable Electric Fogger

$299.95 USD

4.5L Portable Electric Fogger Sprayer ULV for Disinfection Sanitation


This Sprayer is being used by businesses using disinfectant products to sanitize.  This is NOT an electrostatic unit.  We recommend the “COVID CLEAR” line of products for this unit. COVID CLEAR line of products is ionized so you don’t need an electrostatic sprayer to get the maximum effectiveness. Most non-ionized products recommend the use of an electrostatic sprayer.


Material: Plastic
Sprayer Type: Pump
Plastic Type: PP
Power: 1400W
Atomization Volume: 150-260 ml/min
Capacity: 4.5L (1.19 Gallons)
Spray Range: 8 – 10 meters RPM
Fog Particle Size: 5 – 100um
RPM: 32,000rpm

4.5L 1400W Mini fog machine ULV cold fogger portable electric disinfection sprayer features

It’s a simple, robust, and highly effective machine.
1. Heavy-duty chemical fogger
2. Fogging machines for pest and mold control etc
3. 4.5 liters low profile tank
4. Seamless heavy-duty copolymer tank
5. Simple operation/filling/emptying/cleaning
6. Corrosion Resistant
7. Strong penetration, fast spread; with adjustable and uniform droplets, the fogger is applied for both space spray and residual spray.
8. Made of silica gel, the solution pipe and air pipe are anti-corrosion; the fogger head is the anti-cracking, shockproof, and constant temperature.
9. The scale of the solution tank and translucent tank cover is easy for you to mix the chemical solutions precisely.
10. Patented technology adopted to prevent the solution from flowing back.
11. Chemical saving frequency-conversion motor, adjustable delivery lift, and noise.

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